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Fly apparel Custom Styling

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Slim Thicke da Stylist, Creating Styles that bring a new image that you are looking for 

We look forward to helping you found an image of your fashionable self-displayed through your urban, causal, and formal attire.

My Passion for Fashion 

Fashion is something that speaks to me and I am dedicated to the work I do. Eager to help people recognize my skills that is offer at Fresh4Nothing.We help our customers find that right fit that suits them.

"There’s no other boutique to choose than Fresh 4 Nothing. I deal with customers one on one. Moreover, I can serve as your personal shopper to satisfy all of your fashion needs. When you purchase my products or take advantage of my personal shopping services, you can rest assured that people will start noticing you."

                                                           -Slim Thicke Da Stylist

Mission Statement 

Fresh4Nothing is a locally owned boutique for men with a vintage/modern day “man cave” feel. We are located at 2994 Lamar Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee.

At Fresh 4 Nothing, we offer unique, comfortable, fly apparel in all types of brands and styles. Here at Fresh 4 Nothing, you can find anything you need, from your everyday wear to your ballroom gala attire. Whatever you need, we got it, and if we don’t have it, we go get it.

We aim to please and won’t stop until you, the client, are satisfied. With our personal styling, we can change an old fit to new again with just an adjustment or two. That won’t cost as much as a brand new fit.

But if “new” is what you need, we have that too. We have a personal stylist on duty to help you out and accommodate all your fashion needs, wants, and questions.

Come check us out and take advantage of the many different items we have that are perfect for you or someone special to you.

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