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Dashing – That’s You!

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If You Want to Look Good, That’s What I Do

Maybe you’re looking for urban wear so you can take to the streets and show off your cool vibe. If not, you may be looking for the perfect type of casualwear and formalwear to look fashionable no matter the occasion. Whatever it is you need, Fresh 4 Nothing in Memphis, Tennessee has the perfect apparel for you.

Summer is Here

Tommy Hilfiger 


Pants- $40.00

Graphic Tee- $21.99                            Nike Shoes- $120.00

Wheat Denim Jeans- $68.00         Kenneth Cole Belt- $29.99

Lightweight Coat- $80.99

Scarf- $4.99

Jogger Jacket- $75.99

Jogger Pants- $69.99

Graphic Tee- $30.99

Adidas Shoes- $79.99

Metal Jacket- $75.99

Metal Joggers- $69.99

Inimigo Black Shirt w/little pocket- $

Adidas Shoes- $79.99

Van Heusen Button Down Shirt- $34.99

Dress Pants- $34.99

Van Heusen VH Cardigan- $52.99

Lacoste Dress Shoes- $78.99

Dolce & Gabbana Glasses- $79.99

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I’m Proud to Offer Excellent Customer Service

My clients have been satisfied by my customer service skills. To learn more about how I’ve helped my customers, read the testimonials below.

"She has my footwork Fresh4Nothing."


"Just stop by and was blowing away."


“I just came to get Fresh4Nothing."


“Even if she only style men, she still found the time to help me with that right fit."


"Great atmosphere, good stylist, and awesome prices."


"She gave me a new look on style and helped me get fresh4nothing."


"I visited Fresh4Nothing to check it out and I was highly satisfied with the outcome. She helped me find that right fit and I felt comfortable to express myself to her."


"I feel Fresh4Nothing!!                            I recommend you guys to come to check her out. You won't be sorry."


"I had a warmed welcome as I entered the shop and I felt that I was in the right place to find my husband something for our anniversary. Slim Thicke accommodating me with my needs." 


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